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Rotterdam attractions in the Netherlands

Rotterdam attractions in the Netherlands

Rotterdam attractions in the Netherlands

  • "Boulevard of the Stars", where two hundred international stars reflected their footsteps in the concrete;
  • spectacularly illuminated Waalhaven harbour, seen at night from across the river;
  • The White House, a large office building built in 1898;
  • a trip in a colourful "pancake boat" where you will be served as many pancakes as you can eat during the cruise and you will have the opportunity to admire the impressive city panorama;
  • the lovely gardens of Trompenburg Arboretum to slow down and calm down;
  • The Maritime Museum, where you will find more than half a million exhibits.
  • The lowest point in the Netherlands is 6.76 m below sea level, the eastern part of Rotterdam.
  • Visit Rotterdam rather than in winter, because the days are wet and windy.

Attractions of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, which can be discovered by a English city guide in Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Rotterdam, Europe's largest port, lies in the vast Rhine delta. This may not sound like a promising destination, but in fact the city has a lot to offer, as evidenced by the number of many millions of tourists per year. This is the Netherlands' second largest cosmopolitan city divided by the Maas River - the centre lies on its northern shore.

The harbor currently stretches between the old town and the North Sea (about 40km). The original historical harbor is now part of the city center, but has long been overshadowed by newer harbor buildings. Most of the area is located on land torn out by the sea, surrounded by dikes. The persistent working town of Rotterdam, which was almost destroyed at the beginning of World War II, has an impressive industrial heritage, noteworthy bridges, tunnels and canals. There are also a variety of museums, an internationally renowned orchestra and many theatres. This important cultural centre was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2001. This is partly due to the intensive efforts to revive the city, the striking contemporary architecture, the many festivals and the attention paid to nightlife.

Visit Linjbaan's shopping mall and enjoy the delicacies in the restaurants, of which there are plenty. There are many things to do and see in Rotterdam. Visit museums (especially marine museums) and go to the wonderful zoo, which also has an oceanarium, with a terrifying shark tunnel. The city is also unique in its striking contemporary architecture - Rotterdam has the highest office and residential buildings in the Netherlands. Rotterdam also boasts great landmarks such as the 186-metre Euromast and the Erasmus suspended bridge.

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