How it works

Register your shop, service store in the Odyseos. Each luggage storage points separately. In app, you can manage several, different luggage storage points.

Describe your location, in a simple and clear way for customers. Remember, you know where you have your shop, service point, you visit it every day. For tourists, especially from abroad, it is not so obvious.

Add one picture. It is important that you take a picture from outside, from the pavement. From the perspective that customers see your point from. Do not take a picture of the inside of the shop / point.

Accept the rules. Accept the terms and conditions at the end of registration. It is the basis of our common business.

Wait for our verification. After accepting your point, we will send you a package. The package includes Odyseos wristbands and stickers.

Wait for a package from us a few, a dozen days. Depends on your location. Before you start actively offering baggage storage services at your point, you must receive a package with Odyseos wristbands and stickers from us. The key to safe service provision is to receive the Odyseos wristbands. In the customer service section, we explain step by step how you should label your customers' bags.

On the website, in the application you can see for yourself how the information about your point is displayed.

There's a glass sticker in the package from us.

Stick it on the inside of the site, the glass of your shop / point. So that customers know that you are working with us. You can put the second sticker inside the point. In the place you think is most appropriate.

Use the Odyseos wristbands to mark your customers' luggage. Use each wristband once per luggage.

We have made your luggage storage point available to customers in the application. We will promote it. Now they can see it on the map of places where we provide services. Every customer can choose your point and use your services. Every customer who uses your services pays for the service in the application. With this money, we pay you.

Every customer who chooses your point is money for you. After the service is provided, you will see it on your account in the application.

We pay you the money you have lost, based on a VAT invoice or a receipt. We do not require from you to run a company with a VAT register.

Payment execution. We make payments once a month, when you earn min. 50 Euro or equivalent. If you do not earn such an amount, we are waiting with the payment until you have collected it. We have adopted a monthly settlement period to reduce time-consuming bureaucracy. Monthly transfers allow us to reduce accounting costs.

We expect from you to have a PayPal account. Using this account, we save money on bank transfers.



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