Baggage collection

Rules of Conduct


Welcome to the customer

In many cases it can be a foreigner who does not speak or understand your language at all.

The client will show you a picture with the alphanumeric code of the Odyseos wristband. To make it easier for you to serve the customer quickly, ask him to describe his luggage.

Find at your luggage storage point a baggage with a wristband, which has a number on the picture.

IMPORTANT: Check to make sure that it is a baggage that has the correct Odyseos wristband number according to the number in the customer's picture.


Check and count the baggage

If the customer left several pieces of luggage. Check and the number of pieces you give back to the customer. The number of baggage should be consistent with the number of Odyseos wristbands that are in the customer's picture.

You can ask the customer to check if the Odyseos wristbands are intact.


Thank the client

Try to be helpful. Most of the clients are foreigners who may need help, advice, direction.

Be an ambassador of hospitality.

If a client wishes to do so, remove the Odyseos wristbands from their luggage.

REMEMBER: Try to be helpful. The client has the right to leave an opinion, a comment about your service. A positive comment has a significant impact on the acquisition of new customers. A positive comment has an impact on your future earnings..




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