Baggage allowance

Rules of Conduct


Welcome to the customer

In many cases it can be a foreigner who does not speak or understand your language at all.

The client will show you an email from the Odyseos. The email contains details of the reservation of luggage storage at your luggage storage point.

You will also find information about the ordered reservation in your panel in the Odyseos application.


Count your baggage

Check the number of pieces of luggage that the customer leaves at your luggage storage point.

You can verify the number of baggage in your panel in the Odyseos application.

Ask the client to take with him (not to leave in his luggage) documents, valuables, passports, ID’s, pads, phones, electronic equipment. This is only a recommendation. This is not an obligation, but a recommendation. The decision is up to the customer.


Mark your luggage

Take as many Odyseos wristbands from the package as the customer leaves their luggage at your point.

IMPORTANT: Ask the customer to take pictures of the unique numbers of each wristband. The unique number is right next to the place where the wristband is stuck.

IMPORTANT: Ask the customer to check the quality of the photos. Are the codes on the wristbands well readable on the photo he took?
If the customer is travelling with several people, ask at least two people to take a picture of the Odyseos wristbands for safety reasons. This is not an obligation, but a recommendation.

IMPORTANT: Connect, permanently glue each wristband on the handle of each luggage so that an alphanumeric code is visible. Combine the Odyseos wristbands on the handles, or handles permanently attached to the baggage.
If possible, combine the wristbands so that they cannot be opened.
Make sure that each of the armbands is well and securely attached to the luggage.
If the customer wants it. Bandage the Odyseos wristbands other locks in her/his luggage. So that she/he can be sure that the luggage is well secured.

IMPORTANT: Remember that the Odyseos wristbands are designed in such a way that by disconnecting them you are not able to glue them together again.
Undamaged Odyseos Ties are a guarantee of safe storage of customers' luggage.


Place your bags in a safe place

Move customers’ bags to the place you've assigned to them at your luggage storage point. Take care of the safety of your customers' luggage.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the wristbands are not damaged.

Arrange your bags in such a way that you can easily and quickly find a specific baggage and check wristbands number.




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