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Potsdam's attractions in Germany

Potsdam's attractions in Germany

Potsdam's attractions in Germany

  • The Celienhof Palace, located near Jungfernsee, where the conference between the victorious Allies once took place: Truman, Churchill and Stalin;
  • the postcard castle of Babelsberg, standing in a beautiful park by the river; it was created by the most famous 19th century German architects and garden designers;
  • The Marble Palace on the shores of a lake from the late 18th century;
  • a film museum in the old stables of the mighty royal castle Stadtschloss;
  • similar to the lighthouse of the Einstein Tower - this astrophysical observatory in Albert Einstein's science park was built between 1920 and 1924 in the expressionist style;
  • Belvedere in the Sanssouci Park - an example of meticulous reconstruction of monuments destroyed during the Second World War.
  • The Glienicke Bridge over the Havel River witnessed a real and fictional exchange of spies during the Cold War, as in the 1966 film "Funeral in Berlin", where Michael Caine played Harry Palmer.
  • Visit Potsdam is the direction of summer travel, due to the large number of parks and open green spaces.

The attractions of Potsdam in Germany that a English city guide in Potsdam in Germany can reveal to you

Located a short distance from Berlin, this city is only a quarter covered with buildings and streets - the rest are lakes and green areas. The Prussian King Frederick the Great chose Potsdam as his summer residence in the 18th century. The magnificent Sanssouci park, its regular gardens, fountains and stunning buildings are the hallmark of modern Potsdam, although all this seems too important to accept the literal meaning of the French name of the park; "No worries". This place is Frederick's idea of escaping from the concerns about the state.

Potsdam had a lot of starts during World War II. Later, the communist government of East Germany razed many monuments to the ground. Since the reunification of Germany in 1990, many attempts have been made to rebuild it, but some important plans (for example for the stately Stadtschloss, the Emperor's former winter residence) have been suspended, and only the Fortunaportal Gate (Gate of Fate) was rebuilt in 2002.

The Stadtschloss was located in the centre of the old town, next to the old market square, today dominated by the classicist St. Nicholas Church. The 18th century old town hall building, crowned by the figure of Atlas, is also located here. Other interesting sights include the French oval church, the 18th century Dutch quarter with its red brick houses, built to remind Dutch craftsmen of their homeland and the Potsdam version of the Brandenburg Gate from Berlin. There is also a Russian quarter built by emigrants in 1825.

Potsdam's weight and attractiveness can be judged on the basis of the fact that its palaces and parks occupy three positions on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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