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Luggage storage Wroclaw

The Odyses application will find for you a luggage storage Wroclaw facility for the time of visiting a city called Venice of the North. Wroclaw is the fourth city by population and fifth by area in Poland. It is also one of the oldest Polish cities in terms of location under city rights. In ancient times there was a town called Budorgis in the place of Wroclaw. It was mapped on an ancient map of Greek geographer Klaudius Ptolemy from 142-147 AD. At that time in the area of present Wroclaw two main trade routes crossed - Via Regia and Amber Route. The city was first mentioned explicitly in 1000 during the Gniezno Convention. The Odyseos application allows you to make contact with a guide in Wroclaw, who will present in detail the history of the city and the influence of the Slavic tribe of Slezany on its development.

The city has many viewpoints located on the monuments, such as the Witches' Bridge, the mathematical tower of the University of Wroclaw or the tower of St. Elizabeth's Basilica. Also on the 49th floor of Sky Tower there is a vantage point which is the highest vantage point on the building in Poland. The attractions of Wroclaw are scattered throughout the city. One of the oldest and historic parts of Wroclaw is Ostrow Tumski. It used to be a separate island inhabited since at least the 9th century, and owes its development to its convenient location, as it was the most convenient point of crossing the Oder. A lot of information about this and other monuments will be provided by a guide in Wroclaw available in the Odyseos application. It will also show you the nearest baggage storage Wroclaw.

Wroclaw has a lot of facilities, which are the city's own showcase. These include the Panorama of Raclawice, a work of art by painters under the direction of Wojciech Kossak measures 114 metres in length, the Old Town and its historic architecture, and the Market Square in Wroclaw, one of the largest Old Town squares in Europe. Among the younger attractions of Wroclaw worth seeing are the Centennial Hall, the Environmental Education Centre Hydropolis, the Music Epicentre or the African Centre. Luggage storage Wroclaw are located in convenient places for tourists.



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