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Warsaw is the capital of Poland and at the same time the largest city both in terms of area and population. The name of the city originally called Warszow or Warszewo comes from a knight from the Rawa family named Warsz, who owned a village from the 12th and 13th century, situated in the area of today's Mariensztat. The first mention of the town's establishment dates back to around 1300. In 1526 the Duchy of Mazovia together with Warsaw was annexed to the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. At that time the town was perceived as neutral in the Polish-Lithuanian relations. Its candidature as a venue for general assemblies was therefore easier for the Lithuanians to accept. The Odyseos application makes it easier to plan a tourist trip and easier access to Warsaw attractions. You will find here a luggage storage Warsaw facilities and you will make contact with a city guide Warsaw.

The long and stormy history of Warsaw and the perseverance of its inhabitants have not only been written down in the pages of history but also in the architecture of the city. The Old Town of Warsaw, almost completely destroyed in 1944, was built from rubble in just 5 years. It was all thanks to people who wanted to preserve the heritage of the Old Town and pass it on to their descendants. It is thanks to people so devoted that today we can see the attractions of Warsaw - the historic buildings of the Old Town practically in the same condition as well as the monumental Royal Castle. Getting to know these circumstances is possible thanks to the knowledge of a guide from Warsaw, who can be contacted by the Odyseos application. Thanks to our application for the time of sightseeing you can also find a baggage storage Warsaw.

Luggage storage Warsaw points are located in convenient places, close to the main tourist routes. The city offers attractive places for everyone. History lovers can visit the Legions' Fort, Royal Castle, Wilanow Palace, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Belvedere and many others. For knowledge lovers there is an interactive Copernicus Science Centre and Neon Museum. You can relax by strolling through one of the most beautiful garden complexes not only in Poland but also in Europe. These are not all the attractions of Warsaw. Thanks to the Odyseos you will contact your guide in Warsaw and learn about other interesting places and their history.



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