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Gdansk is a city with more than a thousand years of history, whose identity over the centuries has been shaped by different cultures. In its history Gdansk was the largest city of the Republic of Both Nations, a royal and Hanseatic city. In the 16th century Gdansk was the richest city in the Republic of Poland. Its attractive location by the sea encourages you to visit it and learn more about its history. The greatest prosperity of the city took place at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time entrepreneurs came to Gdansk and in a short time the urban and architectural development of the city took place. Thanks to the Odyseos application you will find a luggage storage Gdansk facility so you can spend time on a comfortable trip to the most interesting attractions in Gdansk.

Luggage storage Gdansk points are located in conveniently accessible parts of the city. Gdansk is one of the most valuable historical complexes in Poland. Despite the destruction of a large part of the monuments in World War II and the reconstruction of almost the entire historical city centre, there are still numerous architectural monuments in the city. An example is the Great Armory, which in the 16th century was a weapons warehouse due to the growing threat from Sweden. It was burned down in 1945 as a result of warfare. Two decades later its reconstruction was completed. It is worth using the Odyseos application to use the guide in Gdansk. It will reveal the greatest attractions of Gdansk and discuss in detail the history of their creation.

Luggage storage Gdansk facilities are located near the main tourist routes. Thanks to the Odyseos application you will use a city guide in Gdansk, which will show you around the most interesting places in the Tri-City and discuss historical curiosities. You will walk with it through the most interesting parts of the coastal agglomeration and delve into the unique climate of the port city.

If you want to learn more about the city's attractions, the Odyseos application will enable you to contact a good guide in Gdansk. Thanks to his expertise you will learn about the history of the creation of the Old Town, Long Market (Dlugi Targ) and the circumstances in which beautiful tenement houses were built. And also the showcases of Gdansk's port, thanks to which the city is developing rapidly.



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