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Luggage Storage Cracow

Sometimes it happens that we are in a unique city and have luggage with us that limits our mobility. Cracow is such a city. The Odyseos application solves this problem. Thanks to it you will find a luggage storage Cracow point in a convenient place for you. Cracow is the second largest city in Poland both in terms of population and area. It is also one of the oldest cities, and its history dates back to the beginnings of the Republic of Poland. The oldest settlement centre was located, among others, on the defensive Wawel Castle and was one of the castles in the Vistula tribal state. The Odyseos will also allow you to make contact with a guide in Cracow, who knows exactly the history of this old town. Thanks to his knowledge you will reach the unique attractions of Cracow and learn about their history.

Luggage storage Cracow facilities are located in convenient tourist parts of the city. Just like the biggest attractions of Cracow, which are located in the Old Town. The rich history of the city is written in the unique architecture. The castle of Polish kings growing on the Vistula River Wawel attracts attention. Its mighty walls hide treasures including famous tapestries and have witnessed many historical events. Not far from the castle is the Wawel Cathedral, the Cloth Hall, St. Mary's Church or Kazimierz, which is part of the Old Town District and is included in the World Heritage List, are just some of the attractions of Cracow worth visiting with a Cracow Cracow guide.

Cracow is a wonderful place where everyone will find something for themselves. The connoisseur of art will be delighted by numerous museums and exhibitions, and a lover of good coffee will not be able to leave places such as the famous Piwnica pod Baranami. You can sit here and witness the performance of one of Cracow's many artists. Cracow is also the city of two famous rival football clubs, Cracovia and Wisla.

Luggage storage Cracow facilities are located in convenient locations along the main tourist routes. Thanks to the Odyseos application, you can easily find a guide in Cracow, who will show you around the most important places and learn about historical trivia, which you will not find in the press.



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