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Lublin attractions in Poland

Lublin attractions in Poland

Lublin attractions in Poland

  • Lublin Old Town with medieval churches and gates;
  • whispering in the baroque cathedral about the great acoustics - no secrets here!
  • the Holy Trinity Chapel at the Castle - a world-class building combining Gothic architecture with amazing 15th century Russian paintings;
  • the Nazi concentration camp Majdanek on the outskirts of the city.
  • Visit Lublin from April to October.
Lublin attractions in Poland that a English guide in Lublin in Poland may discover before you

Always at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, Lublin suffered much more from the tragic events of the 20th century than most cities. The physical destruction did not bypass the historical cities of central Europe, but as the former capital of Eastern Poland, Lublin was a forum for Jewish, English, Lithuanian and Belarusian cooperation. It was here that the English-Lithuanian union was signed in 1569 and one of Europe's most important Yeshiva-Jewish rabbinical schools was located. When the Jewish community was murdered by the Nazis, Lublin's ecumenical traditions disappeared together with its inhabitants.

Although Lublin is regaining its reputation as a historical university city, where higher education and cultural exchange are as important as money. Seven centuries of the city's history speaks proudly through the beautiful Old Town with its castle, cathedral, Renaissance houses and old streets. Just outside the Krakow Gate (part of the 14th century fortifications) the city shows a different face - concrete Fortunately, just outside the city you will find forests and green areas.

Today, Lublin is a lively city full of students who come here to study during the day and to have fun and meet in the evenings. The city, animated by the energy of young people and memories of its former glory, is gradually rebuilding its valuable traditions.

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