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How to choose travel luggage?

How to choose travel luggage?

Packing is a hot topic, because the holiday season and vacations are getting closer and closer, and besides, the weather is finally favourable, so it's worth hitting the road every free weekend. If you used to associate packing with forcing your way through the airport and worrying whether the lock will not let go at a strategic moment, which effectively discouraged you from further or closer trips, you can forget about it. Now, packing is a pleasure, luggages are not only of excellent quality, lightweight and durable, but in addition they can be a really great designer gadget that everyone can match to their personality and style. All that remains is to answer the question of which luggage to choose so that it will serve you well during your travels.

How to choose a luggage? What to look for when buying a luggage?

How to choose travel luggage? The material that the luggage is made of

The most important thing is that the luggage is durable and well protected against damage. When buying a luggage, pay attention to what material it is made of. Luggages made of ABS (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Styrene) are largely scratch resistant, lightweight, easy to clean and waterproof, and much cheaper than those made of polycarbonate. ABS luggages are also more rigid, which makes them better at protecting luggage, but they can be damaged under pressure. On the other hand, luggages made of polycarbonate (polycarbonate) or polypropylene are lightweight and flexible, which means no dents form when dropped.

How to choose travel luggage? Luggage weight

Which luggage should you choose? Lightweight, of course! A luggage that is light in weight gives you great comfort. First of all, you can pack more things in it, if necessary, and secondly, the luggage is always lighter, which your back and shoulders will certainly appreciate. Among other things, the low weight was a deciding factor in choosing luggage.

How to choose travel luggage? Luggage wheels

I will never forget the sight of a distraught tourist at the airport, whose wheels literally broke off in her large luggage. Such a situation is a huge hassle, especially when the luggage is heavy. This is why it is very important when buying a luggage to pay attention to the quality of the wheels and whether they are made of rubber and not plastic. It is best if they rotate 360 degrees, which makes it very easy to maneuver the luggage. I always choose luggages with four wheels - even though their capacity is a bit smaller than those with two, they are much more comfortable to handle. Especially if I still have a handbag and a laptop bag on shoulder.

How to choose travel luggage? Luggage lock

Another point to pay attention to when choosing a luggage. If the lock of your luggage breaks during your trip, only a protective film can save the situation. But firstly, it does not look too good, secondly, it is not nice to know that if you do not secure the luggage with a foil, then immediately fellow passengers will look at its contents. The lock of the luggage should be solid and has no right to jam anywhere. Many people use a code lock, I usually do not, because I try not to take very valuable things on a trip, but it is worth to equip a luggage with such an option. After all, you never know what you will need to transport and a combination lock can come in handy.

How to choose travel luggage? The handles of luggage

When buying a luggage, pay attention to the handle and the handles of the luggage. The handle of a luggage must be smooth to extend, and when fully extended, it should automatically lock and be long enough so that you do not have to hunch over when carrying the luggage. When choosing a luggage, also check whether it is equipped with a handle, which allows you to carry it in your hand. It is best if the luggage has a second handle, also on its longer side - you never know in which plane you will have to move the luggage.

How to choose travel luggage? Luggage interior

Convenience of using a luggage largely depends on the organization of the space inside it. It is a good idea to have a zippered pocket to store small items, cosmetics, books or documents. On the other hand, closing a filled luggage is very easy with an additional belt and a zippered additional compartment, thanks to which clothes do not move during travel.

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How to choose travel luggage? Luggage design

Times when everyone had the same gray-brown luggages are long gone. Today, luggages are treated as a cool gadget, thanks to which you can emphasize your style and stand out from the crowd. Besides, a colorful luggage also has a practical use - you can easily and quickly find it on the airport conveyor belt. Not only do luggages come in different colors, but also different shapes - the choice is so large that everyone can match the look, shape and color of the luggage to their individual style.

How to choose travel luggage? Luggage price

The price range of luggages available in the market is very large. In Wings online store, you can buy a high quality cabin luggage for as low as 20 Euro, while the prices of large luggages start from 50 Euro.

It is worth investing in a high quality luggage, which will be a proven companion for the special moments in life, which after all are travels



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