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How to choose the right suitcase for travel: a guideline

How to choose the right suitcase for travel: a guideline

Finding the perfect luggage suitcase is like meeting your love. It's true! With a suitcase you will discover new countries, it will carefully store and protect your belongings and, if it is really the right one, you will be together for a long time. Finding your best travel suitcase isn't easy, but we share some useful tips.

When choosing a suitcase, focus on your needs. For those who travel with a big family or like to go shopping on vacation, it is important the capacity of the suitcase and whether it is convenient to carry it, packed to maximum.

For business trips a small suitcase is enough, but you need a variant in which an ironed suit and a laptop can be put in without problems. A blogger cares about his equipment, so he is looking for a way to protect it from moisture and hit as much as possible.

If you most often fly only with carry-on luggage, especially by low-cost companies, study the requirements of the airlines you fly with in advance. A suitcase for air travel must meet the strictest possible standards.

Weight of the luggage suitcase depends not only on size, but also on the case material. If you choose an airplane suitcase for carry-on, you should focus on finding the lightest models, for check-in luggage it’s not so important.

You’re planning a big shopping trip? Consider a luggage suitcase with an extra zipper to make it a little roomier. Most of these models have a fabric case, but you can also find plastic variants.

How to choose the right suitcase for travel

As for the wheels of the luggage suitcases, there can be 2 or 4. The second option is preferable. If there are two wheels, a quarter of the weight is on the hand, which can be critical when the luggage is heavy. A four-wheeler can be rolled side by side rather than being carried behind you.

But suitcases with four wheels have a disadvantage – they don't ride well on uneven terrain, you have to lift it from time to time. The solution – models with double wheels or those with back wheels larger than the front, which allows you to roll on two if necessary.

There are suitcases with wheels, which can be removed before delivery to the luggage – so the suitcase will not be damaged during transportation, and you do not have to carry the suitcase in your hands. Also such suitcases with removable wheels can be perfect for leaving in luggage storage camera, they take less space and can be practical.

The first rule of a traveler is to pack your documents, money, and equipment in your carry-on bag and keep them with you. It's important to protect your suitcase with a built-in lock (just don't forget the code!) or a padlock. Some manufacturers (like Eastpak) fit suitcases with TSA locks, which are locks that customs officers can open with a universal key if they need to inspect them. Also when your suitcase is protected with a lock you feel more secure leaving it in a luggage storage.

Give preference to a suitcase with high-quality fittings, such as YKK. It is optimal if the zipper is wide and metal – it is more difficult to tear it by accident, and it will withstand an increased load if you stuffed the suitcase to maximum.

Manufacturers are trying to attract the attention of buyers by adding optional, but useful features. For example:

  • a waterproof compartment inside the suitcase, where you can carry cosmetics and medicine;
  • a thick pocket with a fixation for a laptop;
  • a built-in battery for charging gadgets;
  • eyeglasses compartment with a thick frame;
  • shoulder straps that turn the suitcase into a backpack;
  • the ability to divide the luggage space into zones;
  • straps for fixing clothes that allow you to bring them minimally crumpled, which is important, for example, for business travelers.

Reading these guideline tips you can choose a perfect luggage suitcase depending on the aim or your travel and preferences. If you travel far take a solid and well-protected luggage suitcase. If you usually travel light for short trips, and use luggage storage, have a look of some small and not heavy suitcase which is easy to transport and which can be your carry-on bag.



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