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How to choose a good travel luggage for travel: 7 tips

How to choose a good travel luggage for travel: 7 tips
  1. Deciding on the material: fabric or plastic

Two clear advantages of fabric suitcases are the lower price and the presence of external pockets in which you can put the little things you need during the trip, and souvenirs bought at the last moment before departure.

Plastic suitcases are usually more durable than fabric ones, they do not get wet and are easy to clean: just wipe with a cloth. Thanks to the hard case, you can safely transport fragile items in a plastic luggage suitcase.

Life hacks: To preserve the appearance of the suitcase and protect it from scratches, buy a luggage cover.

2. Choosing the right size of luggage suitcase

- A small suitcase (height up to 59 cm) is good for a short trip of a few days, easy to leave in a luggage storage and be free for sightseeing and exploring the city.

- The medium-sized suitcase (up to 70cm high) is perfect for a one-person, two-person trip for two weeks, or two people for seven days.

- A large suitcase (height 70-80cm) is the choice for an extended trip for two or even three with a small child.

- A very large suitcase (more than 80 cm high) is a family travel companion. However, with such a suitcase you can move only on water or land.

3. The right luggage wheels are very important.

Suitcases come in two-wheeled and four-wheeled versions. When you roll the suitcase on two wheels, you carry a quarter of its weight on your arm. It will be difficult to carry a large suitcase.

Suitcases on four wheels are light and maneuverable: each wheel is mounted on a separate axle and can rotate 360 degrees. But it can only drive on a relatively flat surface: on uneven terrain you have to lift it up. By the way, remember that you should not lift a loaded suitcase by the retractable handle.

Lifehack: When choosing a suitcase for hand luggage, consider that the two-wheeled model will hold more things.

4. Choose a bright or original color.

You will notice your baggage faster on the luggage belt and you do not have to stand around it for a long time trying to find your luggage among dozens of similar ones. In addition, you will not take someone else's suitcase instead of yours. In the movies this often becomes the beginning of an amusing adventure, but in real life is more likely to bring a lot of worries.

A little tip: Tie a brightly colored ribbon to your luggage suitcase, put a sticker on it, put an address tag on it, or put a bag cover before you check it in – all this will speed up the search on the luggage belt or in a luggage storage room.

5. For traveling as a couple, it is more practical to take two medium-sized luggage suitcases rather than a large one.

Here are a few pros of buying two medium-sized luggage suitcases:

- Each of you will be able to take enough stuff, but you won't be overloaded.

- A smaller suitcase is easier to leave in a luggage storage than a big one.

- It's more comfortable for everyone to roll their own small suitcase than for one to carry a rather heavy and bulky one.

- Two suitcases are like two personal shelves in a closet: everyone puts things there to his or her own taste, without annoying the partner.

6. Do you like shopping when you travel? Then you need a suitcase with more volume.

Choose a luggage suitcase with extra volume: open the zipper and you've got extra space. The most common suitcases are fabric ones with expansion, but you can also find models made of plastic.

7. Don't be stingy.

You don't buy a suitcase for life, but for a decade or two. You won't grow out of it, it won't become too small or too big for you, and it's unlikely to go out of style. If you save money and buy noname models from Chinese manufacturers, each trip will present you surprises in the form of suddenly detached wheels, torn lining or a dead zipper. A quality suitcase is an investment in future pleasant and comfortable travels.



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