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Attractions of Trier in Germany

Attractions of Trier in Germany

Attractions of Trier in Germany

  • Landesmuseum (National Museum) to see an unparalleled collection of Roman exhibits;
  • a magnificent medieval crane on the river bank, built in 1413 on a round base with a rotating top, called the Old Crane, to stand out from the two other historical cranes;
  • a magnificent view of the river, the valley and the town, stretching from the Column of Mary (Mariensaule), standing on a wooded hill opposite the Moselle;
  • The Bishop's Museum next to the Cathedral, in a former Prussian prison, with a collection of exhibits from the beginnings of Christian art;
  • a cruise up or down the river to see the fairy-tale castles and the amazing scenery.
  • Karl Marx, author of "Kapitalu" and father of communism, was born in Trier in 1818.
  • Visit Trier in the off-season to avoid the crowds of people that come here in summer from June to September.

The attractions of Trier in Germany that a English city guide in Trier in Germany can reveal to you

Of the many cities that claim to be the oldest in Germany, Trier has better references than others because it was founded in 16 B.C., and maybe even earlier, and it is not a settlement or a military camp. Trier is mostly located on the right bank of the Moselle River, near Luxembourg, between the low hills covered by vines that produce the famous local wine.

Trier was founded by the Romans (several emperors lived here) and there is still much evidence of their presence, such as the amazingly well-preserved gateway to the city of Porta Nigra, a bridge over the river (still in use), an amphitheatre, a fragment of the city wall and ruins of Roman baths. There are Roman elements in two magnificent churches: St. Peter's Cathedral (St. Peter's House) and the massive Basilica of Constantine, which dates back to around 300 years. The Roman structures and the cathedral are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are other significant churches in Trier. The Church of the Virgin Mary (Liebfrauenkirche) is one of the most important early Gothic churches in Germany. St. Gangolf's Church stands on one of the most beautiful squares in Germany. St. Paul's Church is a beautiful baroque building. The abbey of St. Matthew is still the monastery where this apostle is supposedly buried. Many Catholic pilgrims visit Trier to celebrate the relics of the Holy robe in which Christ walked the Way of the Cross in the cathedral.

Trier is; properly prepared to meet the needs of tourists, there are cafes with open-air tables, a wide range of restaurants, and the streets are full of life. There are also several festivals, such as Altstadtfest, when the whole city is having fun.

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