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Attractions of Nuremberg in Germany

Attractions of Nuremberg in Germany

Attractions of Nuremberg in Germany

  • The Palace of Justice on the Furtherstrasse, where trials of Nazi war criminals were held after World War II;
  • a local delicacy, Lebkuchen (gingerbread);
  • Albrecht Durer's house, where he lived and worked from 1509 to 1528;
  • The Nuremberg Golden Circle and its ornate iron railings on Schoner Brunnen - touch them three times and your every wish will come true!
  • the collection area of the Nazi party, a colossal open-air area with examples of architecture from the Third Reich.
  • Considered a medieval instrument of torture, known as the "Iron Maiden" (i.e. an iron cabin with spikes inside), was actually a mystification invented in Nuremberg in 1793.
  • Visit Nuremberg preferably in summer.

The attractions of Nuremberg in Germany that a English city guide in Nuremberg in Germany can reveal to you

The word Nuremberg will always be associated with "collections" and "processes". It is not without reason that the German Nazi era began and ended in this historic Bavarian city. Nuremberg was probably of great importance during the Roman Empire of the German people. Nuremberg was bombed during World War II and the medieval centre was destroyed. After the war, a large part of the old town was rebuilt, which was a step towards the city regaining its romantic character.

The Gothic Church of St. Lawrence is one of the most important buildings in Nuremberg. Three castles rise above the town and the Kaiserburg Castle is particularly magnificent. The Hauptinarkt is a picturesque main market square where the often photographed 14th century Schoner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) stands - or rather its replica (you will find the original in the German National Museum). There are stone merchants' houses and craftsmen's houses made of Prussian wall. On the riverbank there is a 14th century Holy Spirit hospital, once a leper colony. The medieval cemetery (Johannisfriedhof) houses many interesting monuments and graves, including Albrecht Durer (died in 1528). The southern part of the old town (Lorenzer Seite) is bounded by the Pegnitz River and a long town wall with many towers. It is a great place for shopping. Near the walls there is a medieval market, which today sells craft products.

Of course, the town is bustling and has all the charms you would expect, but... There is nothing like that in the old part of the town, and you can't part with it.

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