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Attractions of Munich in Germany

Attractions of Munich in Germany

Attractions of Munich in Germany

  • Alte Pinakothek with a unique collection of European art;
  • a view from the southern tower of the cathedral that nothing can spoil - no building taller than it can be built in the city;
  • Nymphenburg Palace (6 km from the city centre) is a 17th century baroque summer residence surrounded by a park;
  • Munich's most famous beer house Hofbrauhaus am Platz, located in the city centre.
  • Christmas market on Marienplatz - starts in early December and lasts until Christmas Eve;
  • Oktoberfest, an annual two-week festival known as "the largest folklore event in the world". - The mayor of Munich opens every festival by breaking through the first keg of beer.
  • Munich last changed its slogan. The old "World City with a Heart" replaced the bolder "Munich loves you". It met with mixed feelings.
  • Visit Munich The alpine weather is unpredictable, but the summer months (May to September) are rather pleasant.

The attractions of Munich in Germany that a English city guide in Munich, Germany, can reveal to you

This is the third largest German town on the Jizera River north of the Alps. It all started with a monastery and crossing the river in the 12th century. Until 1918 it was continuously ruled by Bavarian dukes and kings. The history of Munich after World War I was very turbulent, from the communist uprising to the domination of Hitler's Nazi party, which regarded the city as its centre. Several so-called "Fuhrer buildings" were built near Konigsplatz, where Nazi collections were held (two of them survived). Near the town there was a concentration camp Dachau.

After World War II, the reconstruction allowed this historic town to regain its pre-war appearance with a small but wonderful centre. In the middle of the town there is a spacious Marienplatz, with the Old and New Town Hall. Three medieval gates to the town were interrupted. There are magnificent churches in Munich, such as the Gothic Church of St. Peter, the oldest in Munich, and the 15th century Cathedral of the Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche). The magnificent royal palace Residenz, today a museum, is worth seeing.

Four great 19th-century avenues depart from the centre. The Neoclassical Brienner Strasse opens onto the impressive Konigsplatz, today a district of galleries and museums. The Italian-style Ludwigstrasse is home to many public buildings. On the neo-Gothic Maximilianstrasse there are some of Munich's most expensive shops. The last one, the Prizregentstrasse, stretches along the river and houses many museums.

There are too many attractions in Munich to list them all. If you can only visit one German city, visit Munich... and stay for a whole week. Munich may be the most expensive city in the country, but it's really worth every penny spent.

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