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Attractions of Lübeck in Germany

Attractions of Lübeck in Germany

Attractions of Lübeck in Germany

  • Holstein Gate;
  • a walk through the old town;
  • Stadttheater, in Art Nouveau style;
  • a boat trip on the Traye River;
  • Lübeck House -- construction began in 1173 by Henry the Lion, and was completed in 1230;
  • Marienkirche - the highest church in the city, built in 1250, seen as a symbol of strength and prosperity;
  • Lübeck is known for making marzipan.
  • Visit Lübeck from May to October.

Attractions of Lübeck in Germany that a English city guide in Lübeck, Germany, can reveal to you

Situated on the Trave River, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany, Lübeck is the largest German port on the Baltic Sea. Its old town is a charming collection of well-preserved churches, merchants' houses, narrow passages and magician-zines inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the 14th century Lübeck was the "Queen of the Hanseatic League", the largest and strongest member of the trade alliance, which had a monopoly on the sea. It had a monopoly on the Baltic Sea and most of Northern Europe. In 1375 Emperor Charles IV called Lübeck one of the five "glories of the empire". - the other four are: Venice, Rome, Pisa and Florence. In the 15th and 16th century Lübeck and the Hanseatic League had serious disputes with Denmark and Norway on trade rights, which ended successfully for the League. However, the cities of the Hanseatic League were defeated when they engaged in the civil war raging in Denmark between 1534 and 1536. After this defeat, the power of Lübeck began to weaken.

The old town is dominated by church towers, including those belonging to the cathedral (Lübeck House). The temple was partially destroyed by bombings during World War II, but was later reconstructed. Built from 1,250 to 1350, St. Mary's Church (Marienkirche) is the third largest church in Germany and the highest building in the old part of Lübeck.

Lübeck's old town also boasts an impressive town hall (Rathatts), still in use, as well as the Stadttheater in Art Nouveau style. In the narrow streets and passages of the old town there are Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicist town houses with red brick facades and triangular gables. There are plenty of interesting museums presenting collections on art history, ethnography, fine arts, city history, puppet theatre and nature and environment. One of the best ways to enjoy this charming city is to go by boat around the harbor.

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