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Attractions of Heidelberg in Germany

Attractions of Heidelberg in Germany

Attractions of Heidelberg in Germany

  • The small Vetter Brewery next to the Old Bridge - it is believed that one of the strongest beers in the world is being made here;
  • an endless Hauptstrasse - a consumer's paradise, if any;
  • coffee in a café on Marktplatz, drunk at an outdoor table:
  • UniversitMsplatz (University Square) to soak up the atmosphere of a medieval university (founded in 1386);
  • Kurpfizisches Museum at Hauptstrasse.
  • Gloomy memories of the city's Nazi past - the Thingsttte Amphitheatre, built on a nearby mountain as an SS collection point;
  • The oldest prehistoric European man known to mankind lived here 500,000 years ago - he was called "the man from Heidelberg" (his jaw was found here in 1907).
  • Visit Heidelberg in December to participate in the traditional German Christmas market in the old town.

The attractions of Heidelberg in Germany can be discovered by a English city guide in Heidelberg, Germany

There was a time when among the German aristocracy there was a fashion to have a scar on one's cheek after a duel during their studies at the University of Heidelberg. Even now, when you look across the Neckar River and the magnificent 18th century bridge, you can feel the spirit of past times.

Heidelberg owes its historical appearance to the fact that it was not bombed during World War II. The Americans decided that this town, located in the south-west of Germany, will be an attractive base. when the warfare is over. Since the war, the city has grown and grown rapidly, but it is the old town that everyone wants to see.

The old Heidelberg, "hugged" to the river bank, lying at the foot of a disappearance that no one misses (construction started in the 14th century and was abandoned in the 17th), has a Baroque charm thanks to its narrow streets and picturesque houses. Pay attention to Karlstor, the triumphal gate completed in 178.1 and the beautiful Heiliggeistkirche (Cathedral of the Holy Spirit). Since the 18th century Heidelberg has been the centre of German Romanticism. Near the river runs the Philosophers' Avenue, where Heidelberg's thinkers and university lecturers used to stroll and discuss, peeking at the romantic Schloss Heidelberg on Konigstuhl.

Today the city's economy is based on university and tourism. The rich heritage attracts millions of visitors every year. Numerous festivals, frequent fireworks, musicals and trade fairs are organised to make their stay more attractive.

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