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Attractions of Hamburg in Germany

Attractions of Hamburg in Germany

Attractions of Hamburg in Germany

  • a boat trip through the harbour and canals;
  • A ride on the metro line from Rodingsmarkt to Landungsbritcken - an amazing view of the harbour;
  • the baroque church of St. Michael, one of the most interesting churches in northern Germany, built in the 17th century;
  • Blankenese - a picturesque fishing village on the Elbe River, with winding streets, nice houses and small beaches;
  • Binnenalster arcade - a shopping arcade running along the shore of the lake, built after the great fire of 1842.
  • The Beatles performed in Reeperbahn in 1960 - 48 nights in Indra club and 58 in Kaiserkeller.
  • Visit Hamburg in spring and summer.

The attractions of Hamburg in Germany that a English city guide in Hamburg in Germany may discover before you

This port is definitely one of the busiest in Germany. The city, the second largest in the country, is strategically located: to the south it is adjacent to continental Europe, to the north to Scandinavia, to the Baltic Sea to the east and to the North Sea to the west. Hamburg lies at the junction of the Elbe, Alster and Bille rivers: it is the commercial and cultural capital of northern Germany.

In the 9th century Charlemagne founded a defensive settlement here. A thousand years later, the city was Europe's third largest port (today it is the second), despite the fact that Hamburg lies 56 km from the seashore. With its three rivers, two lakes and many canals Hamburg has never been far from the water.

This hard-working city doesn't seem to be attractive for tourists, but efforts are being made to make it more attractive for visitors. There are unique events such as concerts, sports events, congresses and fairs, although actually the two most popular attractions are the two most important ones: in the harbour area there is the magnificent Landungsbrikken promenade, and there is also the (un)famous Reeperbahn - Europe's largest red lighthouse district and nightlife centre, with endless theatres, bars and clubs.

Hamburg is not very rich in spectacular historical buildings, it is the result of the devastating fire of 1842, the subsequent reconstruction and bombings of World War II. Nevertheless, there is a lot to see here, for example: the old warehouse district (Speicherstadt), the Museum of Hamburg, the Art Museum (Kunsthalle.), the magnificent town hall, similar to the ship Kontorhaus of 1922, one of the surviving medieval streets (Krameramtsstubcn), the Wallanlangen park (the remains of the city fortifications), the long established zoo and the Deichtor centre (once a market, today an exhibition of contemporary art and photography).

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